Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Fun: Reclaim Your Hobby

"What are your hobbies?"

Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? Yet, when a fellow consultant/new friend posed the question to me recently, I panicked. What could I say? Reading? I don't read as much as I used to. Baking? I rarely bake these days; everyone is dieting. Exercise? That's not a hobby; it's a way to keep osteoporosis at bay.

Yoga? That's definitely not a hobby. It's a lifesaver.

"I do collage art," I finally mumbled. "And I like to read and bake."

It didn't feel like a lie -- it's not like I claimed to be a knitter. I have done collage art and will again. And I do like to read and bake. And it sounded a lot better than saying, "Well, you know. I take care of the universe all day, it doesn't revolve without me, and then at night I collapse on the couch, play solitaire on my iPad, and ignore my family."

I could have given her that ugly truth, but the woman who asked the question is a new friend, and I want to keep her.

That said, you and I are old friends. So let me ask: What's your hobby? What do you do just for fun? This weekend, make time to do it! Party on, peeps.

I've meant to read it. Now I've got it.
Weekend ready!


Unknown said...

It's a new hobby, and my first in a really long time. Three months ago, I took up the guitar. I got sick of watching bad TV every night, and wanted to try something interesting and challenging. I'm left-handed, and I tried playing right-handed in my teens. When I considered this new hobby, I Googled "left-handed guitar" and "learning the guitar in your 50s," thinking I would get advice like "Don't do it! You'll never succeed!" and "Left-handed guitars are horrendously expensive." Turns out they are not, and you can buy them on Amazon. Also turns out a lot of people take up the guitar and find joy in playing in their 50s. So far, so good for me. For most of my life, I've claimed no natural musical ability. I still think that's true -- no real sense of rhythm, no ear, I'm really the whole package. I do think I can muster some proficiency, and I'm fascinated by the little bit of music theory I've been exposed to so far.

Jan said...

That is absolutely wonderful!!!! Your comment makes my day -- thank you for posting. It's wonderful to find a new hobby and gain proficiency in something completely different. Learning is fun -- and the whole process of exploring music just has to be good for your heart and soul.