Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Good Stuff: A Collection of Happy

As a writer, I hate to say, "I'm at a loss for words." However ... I'm not sure what to call this:

I can tell you what it is: The shells, rocks, shalom pottery and and breathe reminder form the collection I keep at the base of my computer monitor. I see them all day, every day. And I love them. Each one has meaning to me -- they're all from a special place and/or person.

They feel like totems, if I can call them that without being disrespectful to any Native cultures. And I'm not sure that I can, so I won't.

But, whatever we call them, this is a little collection of happy.

Oh, that image on my computer screen? That's a collection that can make you happy! My free e-book, Creative Chai, has 18 life-embracing ideas for you to consider. And one to grow on!

FYI, I see the doubt on your face. The e-book truly is free. No registration needed. No emails requested. No follow-up provided. Brilliant marketing, huh?

And that brings us to another thing I'm grateful for -- this month and always: The ability to laugh at myself.

Shalom, peeps. Breathe.

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