Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Creativity Tips: Question Your Rules

When I was playing with Sam on Saturday, I told him I was going to use his story as a blog post on Monday. He said, "Let's do it now!"

And, being the creative wizard that I am, I promptly said, "We can't do it now. I don't post on the weekend."

I DON'T POST ON THE WEEKEND? What the heck? Who made that stupid rule?

I did. And there was a good reason. I didn't want to post seven days a week. The problem is, the rule is now one step from sacrosanct.

Well, gang, it's time we all question our rules. I'll start. I own this blog. It doesn't own me. I will continue posting Monday through Friday. But if I have something to say -- or an 8-year-old's hopeful, excited face staring up at me -- I'll post on the weekend.


Mike Brown said...

Jan -

Enjoyed the two Sam posts. I do have to admit that when the email for the Saturday post showed up over the weekend I thought you had accidently published it!


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Nothing points out the randomness of a rule better than the questions of a child! Sometimes we get so tied to the rules that we can't remember why we made them in the first place.