Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creativity Tips: Borrow a Brilliant Kid

I've told you that children are amazing creative instigators, and suggested you borrow a kid if you don't have one. Every time I say this, I hear your eyeballs roll.

So, because I love you, I've done the heavy lifting. Meet Ellie, the Creative Instigation kid. Ellie's mom is expecting a baby, so Ellie and her friend Anna have written a book about the big event:

When Baby's Are Born
by Ellie and Anna
(UNedited by Mommy -- but note: Anna has her own slightly different version of the book. They each made one and kept it.)
When baby's are born their cute!
They come out of your mommy's Belly or someware else I can't tell you what cause it's privet.
When Baby's are born they smell Bad.
When Baby's are Born they screem allot. Did you know that?
Their soooooooooo cute!
Boleyve me!
When BaBy's are Born you can't Be loud Because they cry!
Bye! Bye!

I'm going to give you two quick creativity lessons from this book:
  1. Ellie and Anna didn't censor their words or edit as they went along. They had something to say and they said it, beautifully. Lesson: Don't edit as you go. Put the words on paper. Edit later. (And, at your age, I do expect those words to be spelled correctly.)
  2. Ellie and Anna wrote honestly. Babies do smell bad. They do scream a lot. And they are soooooooooooooo cute! Lesson: Contradictions are good. Contradictions build interest.

Now, your turn! Leave a comment with another creativity lesson inherent in this book.

And thanks to Vered for sharing Ellie with us!


Maureen Salz said...

Ellie this is quiet possibly the best explanation about babies that I have ever read! You are a VERY talented writer! Keep at it as you are well on your way to being famous! I look forward to reading more by such a gifted young author!

Maureen Salz

Sam Mutimer said...

Jan - I LOVE this post!Wow what a great example to highlight the fact that when you're transparent and authentic then you can really power up on the connection stakes! What a great find this blog was! Thanks to @Brainzooming for sharing! Your writing style tells a story with a message, and it's short and punchy too!I'm fizzing and know I will learn a lot from this blog. :-)

High fives
Sam Mutimer - aka - Sam2.0!


Jan said...

Hi Sam! So glad to have you on the Creative Instigation team! Welcome, and thanks to Mike @Brainzooming for sending you our way.

Jan said...

Meant to link to this when I posted, and forgot!