Monday, October 4, 2010

Good news and a good reminder

We'll start the week off with good news: Amber's doctor says she's cancer-free! As the kids would say: Woot! Thanks for the good thoughts and fun links throughout the past year as she's gone through chemo after chemo, surgery after surgery. She's regaining her strength now, and should be back at work later this month or early next month. Amber totally rocks.

Eva also rocks. My sister and I have a tradition of attending the Speaking of Women's Health event in Kansas City every year -- one year, she buys the tickets for my birthday present; the next year, I buy the tickets for her birthday present. This year, she bought. One message that resounded in every session? Breathe.

We've talked about it before, but I'm astonished at how often I forget to breathe. And I'm not alone. Look it up: Idea #13 -- stolen from the first person who impressed it on me, my daughter Kate.

Here's to a happy, healthy week! Complete with oxygen.

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Angela Pritchett said...

That's such great news about Amber. I cut out a phrase from a magazine and put it on my bulletin board. It says "take a deep breath" and I do what it says every time I look at it.