Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creativity Tips: Do Something New. For Yourself

You know why I love being a writer? Every day brings an opportunity to learn something new.

For example, yesterday afternoon I called Ken, a senior account executive in Portland, Ore. I needed info for a client's newsletter and Ken was tremendously helpful. Here's how we wrapped up our chat:

Ken: "Now, I want you to go out and do something for yourself that you've never done before."

Jan: "Excuse me?"

Ken: "We always find time to take care of a brother or sister. We never find time to take care of ourselves. I want you to keep a list of things you see that look like fun, things you've never done. Write down how much time and money each thing would take. Then, once a month, look at your list, decide how much time and money you have, and choose one thing to do. You'll be amazed at how much good it does you -- and how many great people you meet."

Now, this is coming from a man who appreciates life. Ken beat the odds and stage 4 melanoma years ago; he was gearing up for a 50-mile bike ride after we talked. My time on the phone with him was a gift -- one I'm delighted to share with you.

I do love my job. And, today, I start writing my list.


Leslie said...

Wow, what an awesome conversation! And a great idea, too.

Tootsie Bellittera said...

I LOVE this idea!!! I'm going to think up my list now! I have always been a big fan of lists, they help me get things done. Years ago I read a Chicken Soup for the Soul story about a guy who write a lifetime to do list and managed to accomplish most of them. It inspired me to do the same. I like this one because it gets us to expand our boundaries and it's also more satisfying short term to do fun things as we go. Thanks!