Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Creativity Tips: Follow the Kids

Kids are fabulous creative instigators. Let me give you two examples:
  1. If we're connected on Facebook*, you already saw the video I posted Friday of Jessica, a youngster doing her daily affirmation. I could look at it every day. If you haven't seen it, take a look. No better way to spend 50 seconds.

  2. The Kansas City Star just ran a story about the teen writer-in-residence for the Johnson County Library. When asked what time her alarm clock was set for on Mondays, this young woman responded, "3 a.m. I've got to work on my novel sometime." Remember her name: Ayah Abdul-Rauf. With that kind of focus, I'm sure we'll hear from her in the years ahead. And take the tip: We find time for what matters.
*If you'd like to connect in another space, I'm on Facebook daily. I really like Facebook. It's the only social media I fully grasp. Perhaps it's the terminology. On Facebook, we're friends. On Twitter, we're followers. I'd rather be friends.

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