Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creative Query: Sabbatical

Driving to a client's office the other day, I suddenly realized that next month will mark 8 years since I opened my own business.

The longest I've worked anywhere is 8 years, so this is a big deal. I'm about to beat my own record. And you know what I want to do?


Not for long, you understand. But I really think a sabbatical sounds like a lovely idea. I haven't had an extended time off work since Mary was born, and she'll be 17 next month. And, as any mother can tell you, maternity leave is absolutely, positively not a sabbatical.

What would I do with a month off? I'd write Duana's book. (How funny. When I did a search on the blog for the Duana link, the ad that popped up said, "Tough, strong, resilient." I swear, there are times it feels like she's talking to me.) I have other books started, and even more book projects discussed. But this is the one that really calls to me. And I can't do it at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays when I finally have all my other obligations handled.

So, here's my creative query. Or queries, as the case may be: Have you ever taken a sabbatical? Would you like to? Do you think it's a good idea?

Would you miss me while I was gone?

Given current work projects, if I do take a sabbatical it probably wouldn't be until February or March of 2011. But it's certainly something to think about ...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I absolutely think you should take a sabbatical. I think every writer should, although I haven't, I've toyed with the idea myself. And, yes, I would absolutely miss you, but I also would be happy for you. And, I think you should travel somewhere to write the book. I don't think you should stay home ... too many distractions. Do it, woman. Blaze the trail for the rest of us.

veredlh said...

I had a month of study in 2007. I went on a seminar in Israel for 2+ weeks of it. I get one week a year for study. Last year: Mexico. This year: Jewish Women's Archive. (July 1 marks a new year... hey, two weeks in one summer and calling it "two years" is good with me!). Honestly, I'm incredibly grateful for this study time, but one week or even one month is not enough to regenerate creativity and perspective. It take a week just to create the rhythm that will give you the schedule to get your projects done and your mojo refueled. I agree with Anonymous: Take the time. Do it. I'll miss you, and then we'll all benefit from your rejuvenation, new insights and your book.

Anonymous said...

Yes take the time off and write the Duana book not that I am in any hurry to read it! I know what you mean about Du talking! She has really jumped in a couple of times and saved/inspired me!!

Time off? Only if early retirement counts!!!

Anonymous said...

Follow your heart! We will miss you--but you will come back--right???

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

I took a sabbatical many years ago when I was young and foolish. I took 6 months off from work and went to school for a semester, cleaning up some past messes and taking a bunch of art classes. As it turns out, my life changed so much in that 6 months that the mere matter of not being at my 40 hour a week job hardly mattered. I met my future husband, got married and got pregnant during that time! Now 30 years later, what can I say? I'm still married and I'm glad I had my son. (and the next son too)
If it feels right do it. go for it!