Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creativity Tips: Try a New Tool

Yes. This is the same photo that was in the blog yesterday.
No. This is not the same post.

Today, the photo is an example of a very important creativity tip -- periodically change your creative tool of choice. Leslie took this shot with a Polaroid, rather than the digital camera she had been using. Switching cameras makes her think about lighting, composition, etc., in a new way. The results -- after some initial challenges -- are beautiful.

Tackling those challenges is what teaches us, what spurs us on to be better.

Today, if you typically compose on a computer, pick up a pen. If you paint, use a crayon. If you're a baker, try whole wheat flour instead of white. And stir with a whisk, instead of a spoon.

Mix things up, and feel your brain light up!

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