Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Fun: What's Another Word for Gaur?

Now, my idea of fun and your idea of fun may vary wildly ... but this is my idea of fun: Go to and expand your vocabulary while you help end world hunger.

You play. Someone else eats. It's all good. Bookmark the site and there's no end to how many words you can learn and rice you can earn.

Thanks to Angela Pritchett for the idea!

P.S. A "gaur" is a wild ox. I missed it. I won't miss it again.


Mike Brown said...

9 in a row...blew #10.

Mike Brown said...

Jan -

Just went back and checked. I missed out on "germinal" which means.....ta da.....creative.

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Angela Pritchett said...

Thanks for spreading the words :-> It surprises me how many of the definitions you can guess.

Anonymous said...

Since everything is a competition ... the FAQs on the site say there are 50 levels, and it's rare to get above 48. Let's just say, I'm not there yet. The challenge is on. And, Mike, missing "germinal" is a classic!!