Monday, January 7, 2008

Creativity Tip: Celebrate Success!

I'm big on birthdays. (Ask any friend who happens to miss mine. It's a dangerous mistake to make. Feel free to mark it down now: April 22.)

I'm also big on celebrating. Everything. It's so easy to focus on the challenges of life, why miss an opportunity to enjoy the good stuff? Celebrating achievements -- big and small -- helps build a successful, happy and productive creative team.

Today, we have two celebrations of note. Steven Popkes, a loyal, wonderful friend and an amazing science fiction writer, made the February cover of Fantasy & Science Fiction. His featured story, "Bread and Circus," is gaining great reviews.

And Michael Pritchett, an award-winning author and all-around great guy, is making friends and fans on a book tour for his acclaimed novel, The Melancholy Fate of Captain Lewis. For those of you in the KC metro area, Michael will be reading from his novel at 6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 13, at The Writers Place.

As part of the celebration, remember my approach to supporting great writers: Buy early. Buy often.

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Angela Pritchett said...

You are the patron saint of writers, in every genre! Thanks for the plug & the links. - Angela