Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Creativity Exercise: Your Attention, Please

I am writing a poem that includes the line, "Now that I have God's attention." I could tell you where the phrase came from, but that's relatively irrelevant. What I want you to do is:
  1. Take out a clean piece of paper and a pen or pencil. (There are times when writing is best done by hand.)
  2. Write, "Now that I have God's attention" on the first line.
  3. Finish the sentence.

I know several of the regular Creative Instigation blog readers either don't believe in God or have serious doubts. That, too, is relatively irrelevant for the sake of this exercise. Pretending is one of the most fun aspects of creativity.

Once you've written your sentence, celebrate: Put the Jan-approved smiley face at the top of your paper, or a big gold star. And if you want to share your line, well, you definitely have our attention!


Bud Simpson said...

Now that I have God's attention, could I PLEASE have a couple of do-overs?

To protect the innocent and avoid costly litigation, names will be changed. :)

Anonymous said...

My poem currently ends with the line, "Now that I have God's attention, I don't have a prayer." but I like the do-over idea better. Have I ever mentioned that stealing is a great creative move? :-)

Bud Simpson said...

Creativity is the art of forgetting your sources, isn't it?

Mike Brown said...

Two variations on the same theme:

"Now that I have God's attention, I realize that I had it all along."

"Now that I have God's attention, it's clear he's been trying really hard to get my attention first."