Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creativity Tips: Maybe You Don't Love It

Yesterday, I raised a few questions about projects that aren't completed. Here's another one to consider: Do you love what you're doing?

I like knitting, but I haven't started knitting anything else since I finished the infamous Kate scarf. I will ... three people have requested scarves, and I try not to let people down. And, I'll enjoy the process -- and the product. But my creative life would be fine without knitting.

On the other hand, if I couldn't read, write and doodle, I'd be in seriously sad shape. I love reading, writing and doodling. They are part of who I am.

If you're not making progress on a project, remember: It's in your hands. And there's no shame in letting go.

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Leslie said...

When I was a kid and looking for entertainment, I always wanted to "make something." That seems to hold true for me today, though my creative outlets have run the gamut through the years. I've decided it's O.K. to change the way I express myself, as long as I continue to be creative in some way.