Thursday, September 10, 2020

Let's Play: Create a Holiday

It's September! Prelude to the holiday season. But why wait for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.? Create your personal holiday today -- and all the falderol that goes with it. Are there decorations? Special foods? A signature cocktail?

My new holiday is Walloween. It's the  one day of the year that I get to wallow in whatever bad mood I choose. I celebrated Walloween early this year, and went full self-pity mode. So far, Walloween doesn't have decorations (I'm open to suggestions), but there is a costume: ratty old sweats and fuzzy warm socks. Naturally, the traditional Walloween foods include chocolate. And more chocolate. Wrapped up with a potato chip chaser, because Walloween is, after all, a salty holiday. 

Your turn! 

Don't you love words?
I forgot that "wallow" can also be a physical depression.
Think of happy, happy hippos in their wallow. 
Hmmm. Now I'm thinking mud pits. 
That opens the door to completely different Walloween traditions ...  

1 comment:

CJ Kennedy said...

Walloween. 😺 Thanks for the laugh. For decorations, I think you should have a popped black balloon 🎈