Monday, February 17, 2014

Creativity Tips: Don't Rely on Random

You know the whole "practice random acts of kindness" concept? It's lovely. But ... why rely on random? This week, practice a few planned acts of kindness -- just to make sure you don't forget. Because the weeks get away from us, and opportunities for kindness too often slip by.

How do you plan ahead for kindness? Let me help get some ideas flowing. You could:
  • Make a donation to someone's favorite charity in their honor. Do it online. You're online, right?
  • Send an email for no reason other than to make the recipient smile. Think about the subject line. What line would make you happy if it popped up on a Monday?
  • Bake cookies for the neighbors. It doesn't have to be a holiday. 
  • Volunteer to babysit for a harried friend. Don't wait to be asked.
  • Mail a handwritten note thanking someone for a kindness received -- maybe a shoulder or smile when you needed it, a wink that let you know you were seen, a good long hug that said I love you louder than words.
Getting some of your own planned kindness ideas? Perfect! I knew you would. You're that kind of person.

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