Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fun: Jean Wender

"A Small Chaos"
by Jean Wender
Years ago, my dear friend Pat introduced me to a few of her favorite people. That was a lucky day for me and for you -- I've passed along Pat's favor via the CI blog.

For example, you've seen the amazingness that is The Big Rabbit. Look at those Missouri State Fair shots. My favorite, not surprisingly, is the big blue bunny. And, no, that is not a self-portrait of the artist. His feet are much bigger.*

Now, it's my great pleasure to point you toward the new website of Jean Wender, my favorite potter. Look at this gorgeousness. And this aberration. (Her word, not mine.) Then, read the beautiful Artist's Statement.

I can't think of anything more fitting for Friday Fun than enjoying art. Extend the fun! Go out there this weekend and see a new gallery. Listen to some live music. Take a walk without your phone. Enjoy! Happy weekend!

*Didn't I once have the reputation of being nice? Oh well ... the truth will out.

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jean wender said...


I'm so honored to be mentioned on your blog! I think you're STILL one of the nicest people I know, despite what any Large Blue Rabbits with oversized feet may say.