Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Creativity Tips: See the Miracles

When I was growing up, my family attended Beth Shalom synagogue. Throughout my childhood, we had one religious leader: Rabbi Morris Margolies. Rabbi Margolies, who died last Friday, literally towers over my memories -- I can still see him standing up on the bima, leading the congregation in worship.

When Rabbi Margolies read a prayer that began, "I am the Lord your G-d .., " well. I kinda believed him. He was a force.

I thought I had shared my favorite line from the rabbi on the CI blog before, but it didn't show up in a quick search, so let me share it now:

"The parting of the Red Sea is no greater miracle than the sea itself."

May his memory be a blessing. And may we all see the miracles that surround us, day by day.

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