Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creativity Tips: Stop Whining

I had an entire post written for today encouraging people to be nice, drawing on several recent not-nice experiences I've had.

Then, my friend Chris took me to lunch. And I was reminded that the world is full of kind, good, supportive people. So I don't feel like chiding anyone today. It's summertime. Go outside. Go play.

P.S. With Chris and colleagues Keith and Karen, I have a whole Armada on my side! They're brilliant. Check 'em out.


Chris Kuehl said...

All I can say is that when one has someone as delightful, kind and lovely as Jan to be nice to - it is certainly not an onerous task!!

Keith Prather said...

This isn't a love fest, but, Jan has cleaned up my sloppy writing for about a decade now. For business writing and editing, I've run into nobody better out there to make me look good (which is hard to do).