Monday, August 24, 2009

Creativity Tips: Find Your Backpack

Kate starts her sophomore year at K-State today. Mary started her junior year in high school on Aug. 14. When I went to Back-to-School Night for Mary last week, it occurred to me that I only have one more year of BTS Nights to attend. Whoa ... where did that go?

But here's the deal. On the first day of school in Olathe, I drove by herds of little kids, practically dancing their way to Black Bob Elementary. (I couldn't make that name up.) They were all excitement and enthusiasm -- proud of those new backpacks stuffed with fresh crayons and construction paper, notebooks and number 2 pencils.

When was the last time you rushed off to an assignment, energized and eager? Been a while? Maybe you need a new backpack. A fresh notebook. Maybe an 8-pack of funky pencils would make you smile. It works for me ... but I've been told I'm easily pleased. And easily distracted by shiny objects.

No matter. It's the first day of a new week. Let's dance our way into the day!


Brenda said...

Avery starts Kindergarten today and she is dancing off to a new adventure. Her mom not so much. But I agree with you that nothing says new adventure or new chapter than a shiny new box of crayons of any kind/


Bud Simpson said...

Right after labor Day, I start my Youth Friends adventure at the elementary school down the street. I can't wait.

Jan said...

Kindergarten is a different kind of adventure for a mom! I remember Tom had to hold me down, because I wanted to jump the kindergarten teacher who was spelling "Katherine" with a "C." (Figured she might want to get it right before she taught my kid to spell. But, little matter. The day "Katherine" found out she had to spell her name, was the day "Katherine" became "Kate." True story.

And, Big Bunny!!! I am so excited for you -- you will be amazing at that! Let us know how it goes after you hop down to the elementary school!