Monday, February 9, 2009

Creativity Tips: Think Before You Write

Remember when mom used to tell you, "Think before you speak!" Well, mom was right. And the same good advice applies to writing. Think first, and you'll have a much greater chance of writing:

... a blizzard of moralizing twaddle and disinformation.

That line, by Terence Corcoran, is one of several fantastic phrases in this article. It makes me happy. Every word is perfect, every word communicates. Corcoran isn't using words we don't know -- but he is using them in a thoughtful, magical new way.

This week, let's think before we write.

P.S. Thanks to Barb for the link! And for this idea: When you find great writing, send it to me and I'll post it. Creative inspiration is everywhere.


Burcu said...

It says "the page can not be found"...I can not click on it.

Anonymous said...

i did a google search for...a blizzard of moralizing twaddle...and found the article at

Great piece!
Thanks, Jan

Anonymous said...

This is the actual article--

the other was just a quote--but a good one!

Jan said...

What a wonderful way to start the week! You just gave me an opening for another creativity tip: Here are perfect examples of people you want on your creative team. Someone who's not afraid to tell you when something isn't working, and someone who takes the initiative to fix it! Thank you so much!

Jan said...

I know. It's not the political article you would expect me to enjoy ...

Burcu said...

You know Jan, if i put a side your post, i admire your energy and joy for life! You're gonna be my role-model in my near future! :-)


Mike Brown said...

Jan - They say that prompting comments often depends on either writing an incomplete thought or making a mistake. Today provides some proof of the latter. Thanks for thinking I supplied the link, but it goes to show you have a lot of anonymous readers that have your back!!!