Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creativity Tips: Enjoy Six More Weeks of Winter

A couple of days ago, when Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and ran back to the burrow, I felt the cold chill of six unwanted weeks of winter settling in my bones.

The cure? I started knitting a scarf. That's right. I'm knitting again. I haven't touched the needles since I finished Kate's scarf, almost a year ago. And, I have to say, I haven't missed them.

Yet, on Groundhog's Day, I got the knitting urge. And here's the fascinating thing: When I picked up the yarn and the needles, my fingers knew what to do. I had forgotten, but they remembered. I cast on with no trouble, and took off knitting.

Make your next six weeks fly by: Pick up an old creative talent, one you haven't used for a bit. It may be more fun than you remember!


Burcu said...

Hmmm.. Knitting:) Do you know Jan i tried to knit a shawl many times. I was very excited to buy colourful threads and knit them. But i noticed that i'm not very good at it:) Then i gave up and never tried again.
But i still envy when i see my friends knitting something for their boy friends.

I love translate a language to another one(German is my area of specialization )It's like a hobby for me. And i've not used German for a while. I think it's time to do some terminological translations eh?

Have a nice day!


Leslie said...

Oh, good, you're back to knitting (at least for now)! I need to get a new project going as well.

Bud Simpson said...

Six weeks? I heard it was just a month and a half. Hmm, maybe I can warm up my long-dormant talent for optimism. Ha!

Jan said...

Translations, knitting, optimism ... we're a wealth of talents!

There's a certain relief in tackling something that you're not an expert at, whether it's being optimistic or knitting. No one expects me to knit the world's best scarf, so I can just enjoy myself. No pressure. It's all good.