Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Creativity Tips: Read 'Em if You've Got 'Em

When was the last time you shared a good book with a friend? My buddy Jenn loaned me this one, and I'm really enjoying it. And I've discovered a new place to relish a good read -- in the car.

My life includes driving duties for the family. This means I often end up sitting, for long stretches of time, waiting for Mary to get out of school, waiting for Mom at a doctor's appointment, etc.

I always have a notebook with me for writing poetry, or grocery lists, but there are times I'm just not in the mood to write.

So, I read. And books like this -- a collection of essays -- are perfect for random reading.

Keep a book at hand, and enjoy!


Vicki said...

I have that book on hold at the library. I think Sarah Vowell's brilliant, and hilarious.

Jenn said...

I use car-time to go through my magazines too! I just periodically throw a stack in the car and then read and toss (not out the window).