Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creativity Exercise: Do Something Temporary

When I want to go to my "happy place," I go to the beach. I could walk on a beach for hours, forever.

Part of the appeal is the sound of the ocean. And there are the sea shells ... the never-ending possibility of finding something amazing, right at my feet.

There's also the wonderful opportunity to create temporary art, footprints, doodles, sandcastles.

If you're at a beach, you're ahead of the game for today's exercise -- but this is something we all can do: Create something intentionally temporary.* Then, let us know what you did!

*Why? Because there's a heckuva lot less pressure on creativity if you know it's just for fun and just for now.


Burcu said...

When i swimm in the sea and then step up to the sands and dry myself, i love to warm my bones and skin lying under the sun. I can feel the sun shines deep in my marrows. :)
Or if the sea is cold( this is what i am familiar with in Aegean Sea :) and your friend doesn't want you to splash a drop of water. But i never listen and dampen him/her !!!:)



Bud Simpson said...

Okay, I put the sidewalk chalk back in the car. Expect temporary greatness.

Jan said...

Yes! I want photos! (Or would that ruin the whole "temporary" thing?)