Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creativity Tips: Get Off Track

OK, one more MU story -- and I'll get back to creativity cards.

I got off track at the centennial. I didn't attend many broadcasting sessions -- even though that was my "track" at school. Instead, I went to seminars on things like the African-American experience at the Journalism School, and finding and reporting on a life of meaning.

Here's a great sentence/idea from the "life of meaning" session, which was held on Sept. 11 -- and I hope you can appreciate the concept, regardless of your personal beliefs:

When faced with great tragedy, people often ask, "God, how could you let this happen?" Perhaps God is asking the same thing: "How could you let this happen?"

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Mike Brown said...

One POV is that God allows bad things to happen for a "greater" good to come from them. The challenge is that we don't see things with God's eyes or on God's time, so it can be very difficult to understand that view. Again, the contention is that after 9-11 we became a much more prayerful nation (although maybe not permanently). The increased devotion to prayer would then be the greater good.