Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Fun: Attractive People ...

While we're celebrating 15 years of Sokoloff Harness Communications LLC, I should point out that I did work a few years before launching my own company. OK, a few decades. There was KBEA, KXTR, KUDL, WHB, UMKC, CCG and -- last but definitely not least -- Blades & Associates.

I figured the resume should have at least one company with a full name.

One of my proudest career accomplishments is that I am still friends with people from every job. I even married one of them.

A perk of being friends with people for years and years and years is that they remember things I forget. Today's post is courtesy of Barb Pruitt, the best boss I ever had and an amazing woman and role model. Simply put, she rocks. (So does her son, Wes. Check this out.)

Anyhoo, after reading my Wednesday post, Barb reminded me of one of her favorite quotes from my mom -- a mom-ism I had forgotten. When I would come home in tears with a horrible school picture, Mom would hug me and say, with all sincerity: "You're beautiful, Janet! And you know what? If you met a magazine model on the street, they're really not that pretty. Attractive people just don't photograph well. It's a fact."

I believe her. Here's to Mom, and Barb, and all you beautiful people! Now you know what to say when the kids bring those hideous school photos home. Attractive people just don't photograph well.
Yep. Me at 12 -- one of my best school pics. 
I was looking for the one the year before, with the white horn-rimmed glasses.
I apparently tossed that one. Go figure. 

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