Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Fun: The Struggle is Real

"If you look at page 16 of your brief ..."

Want to see how corporate America designs a stop sign? Start here.

You might watch the video and think, That's funny, but it can't be true. Let me assure you: When I was a creative director, this was my life.

Thanks to Pat for sending me the link!

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Michael L. Johnson said...

Yes, all true, although most agencies would have called a halt to this before this point. This is where the Creative Brief, which outlines the parameters of the project and the basis for evaluation of the creative deliverable, comes in handy. That way, as you know, the project doesn't end up with multiple personalities. However, there has to agreement on the parameters prior to beginning. There also must be trust between the client and creative provider. You chose them because of their prior work; trust their solution, but verify impact.

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Creative Company