Thursday, April 7, 2016

Creativity Exercise: Give Yourself a Code Name

Happy birthday, Eva! 

Today is my baby sister's special day. Eva and I are lucky -- despite the fact that we shared a room until I left for college, we still like each other. Sure, we love each other. We're sisters. But we LIKE each other too. It's a gift.

As lifelong friends, we share memories and secrets. Among them, code names. Uh-huh. Super-secret-spy code names. I'm not telling you what they are -- that kind of confidential information is revealed only on a need-to-know basis.

However, I will help you come up with your own personal code name! If rules help you get going, consider these:

  • Choose your fellow spy. No sense in having a code name no one knows.
  • The name should be 4-6 characters long.
  • The name should have some relevance to your life. Or, your imaginary life. Whatever. 
  • Use both numbers and letters. 
  • Feeling fancy? Use special characters. Because you are a special character. Aren't we all? 
Yes. I still think of her as my "baby" sister.
Always have. Always will. 

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