Thursday, July 30, 2015

Creativity Exercise: Mark Twain

While doing research for a client, I stumbled across a Mark Twain quote I'd never read before:

Is that perfect or what? It's perfect. And to make it even perfecter, show me the fire. This quote screams out for some kind of illustration. A painting, a photograph, a doodle. Go! Do!


Roy said...

I had to google that to remember where it came from. Connecticut Yankee is maybe one of my favorite books because I read it so many times when I was a kid. A very horrible scene, and the meaning of the quote, in context, is another example of some of the best writers attesting to the inadequacy of language and of words.

Jan said...

Thanks for the info, Roy! I didn't know where it came from. I thought I read that book years ago, but I'm not sure ... I need to go reread.

Roy said...


This is awesome because you can search for "words are only painted fire" and find your quote. I'm sure there is Kindle version if you really want to reread the entire thing.

Jan said...

Thank you!!!!!