Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Post 60: The Only Beauty Secret You Need

Years ago, I got a glimpse of the prettiest woman. She was playing with her daughter, a toddler, and they were both laughing out loud with pure delight.

Now, I have to admit ... if I had known who this woman was, I wouldn't have thought she was pretty. And, if she had realized I was looking, I’m sure her expression would have changed – we women can be awfully self-conscious.

But, just for a moment, I didn't realize who she was and she didn't see me. So, in that moment, I saw her honest face. And I discovered the one true beauty secret:

Joy is irresistible.

Joy is a magnet. Eye-crinkling smiles, head-back laughter, whole-hearted happiness – joy draws us in. It’s an irresistible physical attraction, my friends, like flowers turning toward the sun.

No one notices a bad hair day when they're captivated by giggles.

I keep that in mind now, when I look in the mirror and see that map of laugh lines. Because I know, if I look with gentler eyes, I might again see the reflection of that pretty, joyous woman, laughing with her baby. 

Sidenote for those of you just joining the fun: Post 60 is a digression on the Creative Instigation blog, part of my 60th year celebration. This is post 8 of the 60. Party on!

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