Thursday, June 30, 2011

Creativity Tips: Put a Ring On It

Part 2 in the Sophie Series:

Let's start your day with a little quiz. It's easy; choose one of these two shining options.
  1. You can tell someone, "If you like it, then you better put a ring on it."
  2. You can stop waiting for someone else, put your hands up and flash your own dang ring.
My grandmother wasn't a Single Lady. She married at 18. In keeping with Orthodox Jewish tradition, she wore a wedding band unbroken by any jewels. On the other hand, literally, she wore this gorgeous ring.

Nanny saw this ring, loved this ring, and bought it for herself. Why? Because she knew she was worth it. She appreciated her own talents. And, now and then, she stopped spoiling the rest of the world long enough to give herself a treat.

How's your self esteem these days? When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Do you wait for others to tell you what a great job you've done? Or do you recognize your own excellence, applaud your talents, and happily share them?

Nanny was a creative wonder. There's never been another like her and there never will be. Interesting fact, though. There's never been another like you, either. And there never will be.

Consider that reminder a little present, all wrapped up with the bow on Nanny's ring.

Thanks to Leslie for the photo!


Gert said...

Oh what a wonderful post...thanks for reminding of us about who we are and just how special each and everyone of us are!

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

xoxo Gert

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