Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video Creativity Tips: Paul Mesner Puppets

My daughter Kate is a reporter and videographer for Manhattan Matters this semester. I'm sharing her feature on puppeteer Paul Mesner with you because there are so many creativity tips inherent in the story. (I suggest clicking on the "her feature" link above to watch the video. I couldn't figure out how to get it centered here so you could see the full frame. Hmmm. I need to work on that.)

Lessons from the puppets ... no strings attached:
  1. Someone else suggested doing a story on Mesner when he performs in Manhattan later this month. Kate took that idea, gave it a twist, and came up with this fun feature. Asking yourself, "What else could we do with this?" is a wonderful creativity spark.

  2. Kate realized after she did the interview that she didn't have one backstage shot that would be really important. She went back and got it. Review your work. Edit your work. Make it as good as possible before you turn it in -- to an editor, a client or a professor.

  3. Kate's original piece became better when she worked with her teacher, Andy Nelson. Take advantage of the expertise all around you.

  4. As Paul Mesner says in the clip: If you're the expert, step up. Give direction. But never forget there's much to be learned from those around you.

  5. Never get too old to enjoy a puppet show. Or a puppet video!

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Jan said...

If this shows up in your reader 2,000 times, I apologize. I kept thinking I had the video embedded correctly, and it was off-kilter.

Or, possibly, I'm off-kilter. :-)