Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creativity Exercise: Lean on Me

When I attended a summer session at the Iowa Writers' Workshop a few years ago, I had the joy of meeting Donna Vorreyer, an incredibly talented poet. Donna's blog includes a great Saturday feature, the Poetry Tow Truck, with writing prompts. Check it out!

Oh, random otherness. There was a column in the KC Star this morning about people bored by snow days. Seriously? I have my fair share of issues, but being bored in my own home isn't one of them. Naturally, nag that I am, I feel a post coming on re: the creative response to snow days. Have ideas you'd like me to include? Just send them to

Happy Saturday!

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Angela@RecipesFromMyMom said...

While I could never be bored on a snow day, I will admit to be lazy. But a little lazy is good for the creativity. Heck, even if all I'm doing is gazing out a window at the snow I think it's causing brain waves to wake up and take notes. I do find that I have no patience for people who say they are bored. Are they not capable of entertaining themselves? Do they not have belly button lint?