Monday, August 11, 2008

Creativity Tips: Take Care of Yourself

I'm going to play Jewish mother for a minute.

Are you taking care of yourself? Eating right? Exercising? Getting plenty of sleep? Giving yourself time off now and then, to simply be?

It's easier to be a creative genius when you feel great. And, if you need another reason, you'll have more to give to others, when you are healthy, whole and happy.

OK. Mom is done. Now, go eat nuts. According to The Culprit and the Cure, people who eat nuts five times a week live an extra 2.5 years.

P.S. to Eva, my nuts-allergic sister: Don't eat the nuts. And I apologize for slipping that peanut butter into your bologna sandwich. Hey, I was 5. Let it go. :-)

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