Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And the winner is ...

Vicki is the proud winner of the first Creative Instigation book contest! Thank you to everyone who entered -- and keep up the good reading! (Vicki, I'll be in touch re: your book selection.)

Today's creativity tip: Take a break. Being creative requires energy and enthusiasm -- and this week is the perfect time to recharge both. While I don't always take my own advice, I will this time. I'll be back January 2, 2008.

Thanks for being part of my blog, and Happy New Year!


Vicki said...

Oh yay! Thanks, Jan!

Mike Brown - mikebrownspeaks.com said...

Hello from Colby, KS!
Where are the detailed rules & exclusions that expalin why I'm left high and dry on this reading contest?
BTW - mikebrownspeaks.blogspot.com has two posts in the past 24 hours!

Take it easy Jan!

Mike O<} : )>